Team permission seems not to work correctly

Dear support,

I try to setup some TEST team for one of my project in order that only people from that team are able to Deploy to from DEV to TEST environrment.
So when I click succesfully on deploy button from DEV to TEST while connecting as a user member of TEST team , deploy succeed to TEST.

Then if i deploy again manually with same login user, from TEST to PROD it is still allowing it event if I sid my TEM only handle TEST environement .

Is it correct or did I miss understood ?
Why it is alloy to deply to prod as I have set it permission for TEST environement ?


Hi There

Thanks for getting in touch.

I tried to replicate this problem locally without success, sometimes an user might also belong to another team which grants the permissions.

In order to diagnose the problem, would you be able to dump out the permissions for the user and send back, here are the steps about how to dump the permissions

Once you have that, can you also send the version of Octopus that you are using?

I hope this helps and looking forward to hear from you soon.


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