Task Progress Pane on UI is VERY thin

After the latest update, the Task Progress Pane on UI is VERY thin, is there any way to get it back to at least 50% of the screen?

Hi Mick,

Thanks for getting in touch! I assume you’re referring to the sizes of the Task Summary and Task Log tabs in a task page, but please correct me if I’ve assumed incorrectly. :slight_smile:

We did consciously change the size of these 2 tabs in a task page, and since your input is the first I’ve seen I’m quite interested in hearing your thoughts on the change, and I’ll be happy to pass it on to the engineers. Would you be willing to elaborate on your experience with it?

I look forward to hearing back!

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Yes, on the Task Summary/ Task Log tabs.

When Task Summary is selected – the ‘Task Progress’ pane width is tiny and now causes the need for scrolling (lots of scrolling)

As far as the ‘Ran On’ pane – very rarely need that one fully populated - WAY TOO MUCH information – links or short summaries would be more than sufficient here.

At a bare minimum – the ability to change the display layout options would be fantastic.

Other ODD ones:

That panel is so skinny text will forever wrap down like 4 - 5 lines ???

Loses ability to represent progress (flash report) – where in the process are you? What step are you one? (scroll, scroll, scroll…)

Takes away from facilitating a deployment via screen share (scroll, scroll, scroll…)

Don’t need 10+ pages of past closed user stores from previous releases displayed on current release, a way to look them up – yes.

I USE/RELY on this page to monitor deployments – and sorely miss the conveniences…


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