Task progress not updating even after the deploy complete


I have been seeing an increasing occurrence of the task progress not updating in sync with the task progress and was wondering if there is a known resolution for this? I have done a significant amount of searching but cannot find any documentation regarding this issue and have not found anything, leading me to believe that there is something messed up in my implementation. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Nick,

Thanks for reaching out. Its possible that the amount of documents on the RavenDB might be causing this slowness. Please try to re-build the RavenDB indexes as shown on this doc: http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD2/Repairing+the+Octopus+database

If that doesn’t help, i’m afraid the only fix for this would be to upgrade to Octopus 3.0, where we are no longer using RavenDB and we are using SQL instead.



Thank you for your assistance. I have attempted a database repair and it seems to have worked, though some of the pages take a markedly longer time to populate (like listing the releases). I will report back if any further issues are detected.

After the database repair, things were running slower then ever. So we decided to restart the host, and that seems to have resolved the issue. Thank you for your help.