Task Log layout not displaying expected output during deployment

Since upgrading to 3.11.2, the task log layout is showing strange output during deployment. On completion, all logs are shown, but tasks are out of sequence. Easiest way to demonstrate is to show by screen shots, see attached.

From my knowledge, nothing has changed in the deployment process. Any help appreciated.





We are also experiencing the same issue with 3.11.4.
The order is out of line and some of the step names are also showing as ‘Null’

We are on 3.11.3 and the same issue. We think the issue only occurs on releases created before an upgrade to the release where the issue was introduced. We went from 3.8.2 to 3.11.3

Hi All,

Thank you for all the information. It has helped us track down and fix the issue. We are currently in the process of releasing 3.11.5 which will have a fix for this issue. See the issue on GitHub for more details, including what caused it and a work around.

Robert W


We just released 3.11.5 that contains just the fix for the step ordering issue: https://octopus.com/downloads


Thanks for the quick turn-around; will upgrade today and report back.


Confirmed this has fixed the issue for us - thanks again.