Target site based on version number

Hi there,

I am looking for the best way to solve the following challenge.

I have an application that I deploy with Octopus to IIS. I have a site set up in IIS for it. It deploys and all works well at the moment.

For future development, we have created a branch of the application. So we have main branch (1.0.X) and feature branch (2.0.X).

To be able to handle both apps in the environment that will hold the app, we are going to have 2 separate sites.

So we need octopus to be able to deploy to the target site in IIS based on the version number. Is there an easy way of achieving this or is the best way to set up 2 separate projects in Octopus?


You can use variables to parameterise the IIS paths, but in this case I’d say two seperate projects would be better. That way you’ll be able to see both projects on the dashboard individually.