System.Exception: The document does not define a link for 'PackageMetadata'

Getting this exception while pushing metadata to octopus. Any pointers?

octo.exe push-metadata --server https://server --apikey SECRET --package-id MyPackage --version 26 --metadata-file octopus.metadata

[10:45:14]  [Octopus Deploy] System.Exception: The document does not define a link for 'PackageMetadata'
[10:45:14]  [Octopus Deploy]    at Octopus.Client.Model.Resource.Link(String name)

Hi @amodpandey,

Thanks for getting in touch. Could you please help me with the following questions so I can try to reproduce this?

  1. Which version of Octo.exe are you running? That should show up in that same TeamCity log file.
  2. Which version of the Octopus Server are you running?
  3. How are you creating Octopus.metadata
  4. Can you share me your Octopus.metadata file?

Feel free to send me your files to if you don’t want to share them in this public thread.

Best regards

  1. version 6.8.2
  2. v2018.7.11
  3. Teamcity creates it as part of pack command (wondering if there are other ways to do this)

“BuildEnvironment”: “TeamCity”,
“CommentParser”: “Jira”,
“BuildNumber”: “26”,
“BuildUrl”: “https://teamcity/viewLog.html?buildId=1801393”,
“VcsType”: “Unknown”,
“VcsCommitNumber”: “316426912”,
“Commits”: []

Hi @amodpandey,

The problem seems to be that the versions of Octo.exe and Octopus Server you are using are incompatible. That push-metadata command was introduced as part of our integration with Jira which requires you to upgrade your Octopus Server at least to 2019.4.1.

So you´re gonna need to either upgrade your Octopus Server to 2019.4.1>, or downgrade your TeamCity Plugin to <5.0.1 which will also downgrade the version of Octo.exe you are using.

Here’s the link to that version of the TC plugin:

Hope that helps,

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