Support for running Selenium WebDriver tests

I see there was a discussion concerning support for running Selenium WebDriver tests from Octopus as a deployment process but I can’t find anything suggesting this ever happened.
I am having problems achieving this and could really do with some help.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. We never really had any open discussions about setup or support for Selenium just some customers asking how they could.
We do not have plans currently or on our roadmap for specific integration for tests. We know customers do use them both.

I had a quick search on the web for any blog posts and found the following:

Neither specifically link scripts or process. It will come down to how your process needs to work. We can help with specific errors, but none of us are necessarily Selenium experts. I know you submitted another ticket like that that Dalmiro is helping you with.
We can attempt to help but we do not have any built in support nor best practice advice in this scenario.


Hi Vanessa
Thank you for your reply and links. I do understand your position and appreciate your help. Dalmiro is very kindly offering technical assistance, which is greatly appreciated.
Thank you again.
Best wishes,