Suggestions for build/test/deploy pipelines for step templates

We have a number of step templates (mainly PowerShell right now, .csx in the future). Right now, we have them in source control, but we don’t have an automated system to build, test, and deploy them in an automated fashion. Before I start down the path of writing code, has anyone else tried this before? Any suggestions, especially around the test step?


Hi Erick

Thanks for getting in touch!

At the moment, we don’t have a brilliant answer for how to handle this. Coincidentally, we’re actually going to have a meeting tomorrow to discuss it further - more and more people are starting to ask about it.

The best bet for now is to check out the OctopusStepTemplateCi project by ASOS - I wrote a blog post about it a while ago. I think this is a pretty solid way of handling the testing and deployment of step templates (then again, I wrote v1 of it, so I may be biased :)).

Feel free to give me feedback on that (either on that repo, on the ticket above or even here) - we’ll take it into account as we look to handle this better.

Hope that helps!