Suggestion: Display Nuget package description when creating and viewing a release

When creating and viewing a release in Octopus the nuget packages and their respective versions are displayed, I would like to see the package description as well.

My idea is that the build server could populate the description element in the .nuspec file with information about the changes and issues relating to that build. I think it would help with choosing which version belongs in a release as well as providing more information along with the release notes.

Another (perhaps crazy) idea is that Octopus could support markdown formatting in the package description. The build server could format the description a certain way and perhaps create links back to those particular changes/issues.

That’s a really great idea Steven, I’ll add it to the backlog. I’ll update this thread when the feature is implemented.

Hi Paul,

I just read the update on NuGet 1.5 and they added a <releaseNotes /> metadata element. This may be more appropriate than <description />, but having both of those elements display in Octopus would be helpful.


Thanks Steven, I’ve just added support for NuGet 1.5, so supporting this attribute as well should be a snap.

This has been scheduled for v1: