Suggested Enhancements for Octopus 2.1

Hi Guys - Loving the work you’ve done in the 2.1 version of Octopus. Having explored around the interface for the last few days, I’d like to suggest some possible enhancements to improve usability. These may have already been raised by other users, but thought I’d add my two cents worth!

Project Overview Page
The layout of this page is great showing environment status, recent releases and deployments. It would be nice to see who performed each of the actions as we could in the 1.6 version, so under Recent Releases it could say “Assembled Friday, February 21 2014 11:05 AM by Donald Duck” and the Recent Deployments could show “1.1401.5.5 -> Deploy to by Donald Duck” so we don’t have to drill down to find out who performed each action.

Release Page
I see work has been done on the variable edit page to allow sorting and filtering, but this wasn’t carried across to the variable list in the release page, making it very difficult to find issues with variables pertaining to a deployment of a release to a particular environment. We have a long list of these for many environments and have to carefully scroll down the randomly sorted variable list to check each one.

Email Process Step
It would be great to be able to use variables in the email address lines so we could use a single email step that emails people based on the variable set per environment rather than having to create multiple steps that are identical except for the email addressees.

Deployment Process
No improvements here, just wanted to congratulate you on the way this page now works - fixed up the weird skipping behaviour that confused many of our users, and filtering the steps based on the selected environment is brilliant, much cleaner and less confusing for end users. Great job! And the logs for the deployments are also much easier to read now without all the debug messages.

Cheers, Simon.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve just added a quick change to sort variables in the snapshot view by name, we’ll look further into this and the other suggestions as we work through each area.

Regarding email addresses - these are already bindable, just use the #{Name} syntax in there - let me know if this causes any problems.

Thanks again!

Hi Nick - Thanks for the info on the email bindings, I thought they weren’t available because they didn’t have the little variable box next to the text edit area. I’ve updated our deployment process now and removed all the separate emails steps!
Thanks, Simon.