Subscription email to Active Directory groups

I have a subscription that is triggered on a deploy success or fail.

It goes to a team named “Email Team” every minute.

Email Team has Project Viewer permissions for any project, and any environment. It contains me and two Active Directory groups.

When I do a deploy, I get the email, but the Active Directory groups do not.

If I remove myself from the Team, per the Diagnostics/Subscription logs, no email is sent at all.

Any suggestions?


FWIW I was able to get past this by creating an Octopus user for each group and using the group email alias as the user email address. Then I removed the AD groups from the team and added the two new group users.

In a way this is preferable because I didn’t want to give any Octopus access to the AD group, I just need them to receive emails and not use the Octopus site at all. That’s why I would like to change the subscription email to not include any links.

Hi Erik,
I’m glad to see that you managed to find a way to get the behaviour you are after. At the moment the Teams concept in Octopus Deploy functionally maps to what would be considered Security Groups in Active Directory. When a user logs in to Octopus, we synchronise their security group membership with their teams in Octopus.
As for Distribution Groups, these do not really have a corallary in Octopus in the sense of being stand-alone entities with an email address indipendant of a user.
As you have seen the current way to send an email to a DG through Octopus, involves creating a user that has the relevant email address set.

That being said we have done some work recently around our AD integration and with the introduction of subscriptions into Octopus, it might make sense to support distribution group entities as first class citizens. I have added this information to a uservoice ticket so that we can see if its a feature that might have some demand from the community. Please feel free to add your vote and leave your thoughts.

Thanks again for dropping a line. I hope that you are enjoying the new features in 3.5. Please let us know if you run into any further problems.

Thanks for your response. Even if you did change it to work the way I originally expected it to, I’m really happy with the email alias solution and will just stick with that.