Subscription Email not sent to all team members

We have a strange problem with subscription events.
Let’s take a look at one these configurations:
Name: Certificates events
Event Filter: Certificate expired, Certificate expiry 20-day warning, Certificate expiry 10-day warning, Certificate replaced.
Email Teams: Team A, Team B (Both teams are ‘System’ type)

Team A is an administration one with system role ‘System administrator’ and space role ‘Space manager’ (“Team has permissions for all project groups and all projects and all environments and all tenants.”)
Team A has 3 members.

Team B is a certificate viewer group dedicated especially for these mail events with custom system role (“Team has permissions for all project groups and all projects and all environments and all tenants.”).
This custom role has added 3 space permissions: CertificateView, EnvironmentView, TenantView (minimum required for logging in and view list at ‘Certificates’ page).
Team B has 2 members (different ones).

When the event occurs email is sent to 3 members of Team A, but never to 2 members of Team B and we don’t know exactly why (I suspect some insufficient permissions in custom role assigned to Team B).

All I can find in logs is sending email to 3 members from Team A, not mentioning any 2 of Team B (with success or without even trying):

Hi @rafal.gapski,

Thanks for reaching out.

This does seem like weird behavior. As a test, would you be able to email just Team B and see if that goes through?

Could you private message me the following information:

Your Octopus Server version
The full task log of the subscription event
Screenshots of the step in question
Any pertinent information of the two teams that may be necessary in case I need to reproduce this.


Personal message sent. Resolving this problem becomes very important to us right now.

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