Stuck verifying Octopus directory contents after upgrade


I have just upgraded from 2020.1.13 to 2020.5.6 and everything was a success in the deployment and no errors logged. Windows service starts, but Octopus front end give me nothing, just site cannot be reached. I have then launched the Octopus .Server in debug mode with --console so can see whats happening. and its stuck on the following “Verifying Octopus directory contents…” Any ideas how to progress, I assume its indexing packages but this has been going on for 1 hour or so? We have backups so not a problem to roll back, but I am not seeing anything in the logs that suggests there is an issue…

I have changed the log level of nlog, and started the windows service and it gets this far


Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch!

When the service starts it will perform a file check on the Octopus installation folder to ensure that all required files are available. This check will also list any additional files found, and we have encountered some users that have their Octopus home folder configured inside the installation folder, which results in every log file and package being iterated through and listed in the log which can take several minutes or longer.
If this is the case for your environment, then it may be worth moving the home folder as detailed here: Moving the Octopus home directory - Octopus Deploy


Many Thanks Paul, I will try it and see how I get on

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