Strategy for production fixes


Our deployment path from development through to test and production is fairly stock standard. My question is regarding a deployment strategy for a “fixes/patches” environment in the situation where the main environment are already been provisioned for the next release. i.e. you want to make a small fix to production by leapfrogging any new work that is already on the test site. I could create an additional “fixes” project in Octopus, but how would I configure it to deploy to the same production site as the main Octopus project? I have been using a naming convention of “clientname.#{Octopus.Environment.Name}” i.e. clientname.test and clientname.production, but what I’d also need is clientname.test.fixes and clientname.production



Thanks for getting in touch! I think I am a little confused here. I understand the process you describe of wanting to release a patch when you already have a release in the pipeline.
But what I am slightly confused about is the need for a different naming convention if you do just setup another fixes project.
What I am thinking (and maybe I am over-simplifying this), is you could have a fixes project, which you could basically clone from the current project, and use all the same settings except use a different package as the root for the deployment?

Please let me know if I have missed the point here, or over-simplified the situation.