Strange behavior editing steps

I am seeing something strange. I’m new to Octopus, and I am working on my first deployment. In my first try things were going fine, but at some point this behavior started. So I gave up on the first deployment and started a second. Things were going great, until the same behavior happened again.

The deployment is intended to install four Windows services. After I had the first two working, I added the third. Things were progressing, and when after a release I went in to edit the step, several fields of the step were changed instantly to different values.

They appear to be set to the same values that first happened in the first deployment mentioned above.

I know this is hard to understand, so I am attaching a video screen capture. Watch the fields as soon as the edit screen is displayed. Almost all of the fields are reset to earlier values, i.e., Step Name, Package Id, Service Name, Display Name.

I am running version 3.4.10.



FieldReset.mp4 (206 KB)

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for reaching out! That is very strange behavior. We haven’t seen this happen before. We’re thinking it looks a little like auto-fill behavior. Would you be able to test this in:

  • Incognito mode
  • A different browser, and
  • A different computer

My guess is it would work in one of those scenarios. If you’re still seeing this behavior after trying that, would you be able to send us an export of your project? We could import it and investigate from there. You can get this partial export by using this command shown in our documentation.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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