Store files and refer to them locally


I’m trying to create a Powershell script that’ll upload archives to a storage container in Azure as a pre-deployment step, so a template can access them later.

Is it possible to store these zip files in Octopus and refer to them like you can with a variable? I know I can base64 encode them but would prefer something easier to manage in the future.

Hi Stewart,

No this is not currently possible.

One solution that might work for you is if you can:

  • put the zip files you need to upload in another zip file (or NuGet package) and then
  • use a Deploy package step that uses that package and in either
    • a post-deploy script or
    • a separate script step you can upload the zip files stored within that package by using the Octopus.Action[StepName].Output.Package.InstallationDirectoryPath variable (where StepName is the name of the step that extracted the package.

I hope that helps somewhat!

Thank you and best regards,