Store config transforms in Octopus instead of source code

Configuration transformations are a great feature, but it’s a pain when I have to create a commit / push/ wait for build server to build/ hope that my configuration change took. It would be nice if I could store the config transform files as part of my configuration in Octopus so that I could make changes there and simply create a new release and deploy.

Is there some means that I could accomplish this now (3.x) ?


Thanks for reaching out. You can use our Configuration Variables feature to modify your config transform file. This replacement would take place before the transformations, so the process would look like this:

  1. Deployment starts.
  2. Your transform file gets updated with the new values. By the end of this step the transform file would be ready to apply its changes on the final web.config.
  3. Transformation takes place.

Hope that helps!