Still unable to delete worker

Following up on this: Unable to delete worker
We’re still having the same issue, on version 2019.6.0. The workaround to manually delete items from the database is fine, but since we provision new workers every day, it’s a bit cumbersome. We’ll probably write a lambda to automatically delete entries from the table, but obviously would prefer if this was fixed in Octopus instead.

Any estimate regarding when this will be fixed?

Hi Trond

Thanks for getting in touch - sorry to see this is still causing pain for you.

The good news is that we’ve got a fix for that issue, which was released in 2019.7.3.

Is upgrading an option for you? I’m aware that you’re currently on the LTS, so upgrading to 2019.7 would move you off the LTS stream.

As an alternative, restarting the Octopus server will cleanup any stale worker leases.

Hope this helps - let me know your thoughts.


Nice, thanks! I don’t think upgrading to non-LTS should be a huge problem.

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