Still having major stability issues with 2.6, are fixes coming?

I know 3.0 is in full swing, but I’m wondering if there will be stability fixes to the 2.6 lineup? We’re having major issues with the octopus server crashing on a weekly basis. I understand from a previous thread that I posted, that there is a memory leak (RavenDB I think) that’s confirmed, and is what was discovered in my crash dump.

What can I do today to maintain some level of stability with our Octopus server? I need this service to stay online for longer than a week.

as an aside, we also had 2 tentacle services go down yesterday, and we’re not sure why they stopped.

Hi Chase,

As we said, the issue is so deeply embedded in Raven and breaks so badly we cannot even wrap an exception around it. There is nothing we can do to even band-aid the problem.
So we made the decision to completely change the structure of Octopus to move to SQLServer to stabilize Octopus and stop these crashes.
It is a big deal, a big change and a very large commitment we are making to fix the issue permanently.