Step Template With Drop Downs - Once Selected Drop Down Displays Value Instead of Text

I am using version 3.1.5, and I have created a step with a drop down parameter (screen shot 1). When adding the step to a project, it displays the default value instead of a drop down with the text. It also shows that the field is bound (screen shot 2)

If I click the oval, and choose reset (screen shot 3), then it goes back to a drop down (screen shot 4). However, once I select an option in the drop down, it goes back to being bound and showing the value again instead of the drop down (screen shot 5).






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I have replicated this issue locally and have raised #2095 to have this fixed.

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This was either never fixed or immediately regressed in 3.2.2. I updated to 3.2.3 just to be sure and the issue is still present. It’s very easy to replicate but if you need a template export please let me know.


Seems like the issue is back. Created another issue for it:



One of our devs and myself just tried to reproduce this bug in 3.2.4 but it seems to be working ok. Maybe a hard refresh of the browser tab fixed this?

Closing the github issue until someone can provide consistent steps to reproduce.

Took me a while but I figured out what was going on. Some of the default values were populated with the display text from the drop down rather than the literal value. It appears at some point that allowed them to match up but is now recognized as a custom token. I fixed these and all is well. Sorry for the confusion.