Step Template Variable not resolving

When trying to have a step variable for the nuget package ID it seems as though the variable is never getting resolved and therefore it cannot find the nuget packages i am looking for when creating a release. Is this a bug?

Correction it does appear to be working. The only thing that doesn’t work is when looking at the list of steps for a process the variable does not get resolved.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch. Can you send a screenshot of how the step that uses your template is configured?

Is the variable value defined on the Variables tab with no scoping? Any variables need a default, unscoped value to work on the create releases page.


Hi all,

Wanted to join in on this; and figured my issue is closely related; I have a similar step setup and am getting errors in the server log when trying to use the new Automatic Release Creation function in v2.6:

Unable to automatically create a release for project ‘xxxxxxxxx’ when package xxxxxxxx version 0.0.0 was pushed: Failed to find latest version for package #{PackageId}

#{PackageId} is the parameter name defined in the step template, and the value is passed in via a static value in the step parameters.

I also see the same symptoms as Michael describes above.


Hi Steve,

Unfortunately currently the automatic release creation feature cannot be used when a package ID is a variable. We look for matches, but at this point do not resolve variables.
I’ve created a UserVoice to extend this feature to allow for package IDs to be variables. Please vote and comment


Hi Steve/Paul,
I mentioned somewhere else in the forums but this feature has been added (probably unintentionally :slight_smile: in version 3.

The user voice request doesn’t have as many votes as I would expect. Have others found a workaround that I can’t figure out? How else can you setup a deploy step as a step template?