Step Template Parameters with a dot in the name break the drop-down control in step configuration

Hi there,

If I declare a Step Template Parameter of type: Drop down and assign it a name with a dot ‘.’ in it then when I try and select a value from this drop down - in the step configuration - the drop down will not close preventing any further use of the page.

This is occurring in Chrome and I believe it to be a regex error:

  • Declare parameter named ‘Param.WithDot’
  • Values:
    Value1|Display text 1
    Value2|Display text 2

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /(^|.)WithDot.(?:.*.|)s2id_selectParam(.|$)/: Unmatched ‘)’

Obvious workarround is not to use dots in parameter names but I thought it best to raise this anyway.

Thanks Andy and sorry about the bug, the dots are indeed the problem. We have a GitHub issue here to track this and have fixed it for the upcoming 2.6 release.