Step Rename - Template Variable - 'Previous deployment step name'

I know there have been a few bugs with renaming steps in the past (a few of which I’ve opened the tickets for, such as ) but I believe I’ve found another. Sorry if there is already a github issue for it.

When using a step template parameter of type ‘Previous deployment step name’, if you rename the referenced step, the parameter stays the old name. Would there be a way to change it to internally reference the Id instead of the string name, so that renaming won’t cause an issue?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a step template that takes a parameter of type ‘Previous deployment step name’
  2. Create a project step with name ‘TestName1’
  3. Create a project step based on the template from step one, and select ‘TestName1’ from the drop-down for the parameter
  4. Rename the ‘TestName1’ step to ‘TestName2’
  5. Check the template-based step, and notice it still references ‘TestName1’

Any use of said variable will be the string ‘TestName1’ which will likely cause the deployment to fail.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch. Referring to steps by name is how Octopus has always operated, and there are no current plans to change this.

Seeing a warning while editing the later step, after the rename, feels like it would be consistent with how changes to the Step Template etc are handled. I have created an issue for that, which you can track on GitHub (

Thanks for the feedback.