Step conditions on some targets

Is there a way to set process step conditions (specifically child steps) that only run for specifically tagged targets? I have two groups of targets (old and new) that are of the same environment, channel, and tenant. I only want some of the child steps to run on the new group. If I apply a tenant tag to the instance, without adding it to the tenant, it does not run. If I add it to the tenant, it runs for all targets. By the way, the new group of targets are autoscaling targets, so I cannot use the target names.

Hi @jeremygaither,

Thanks for getting in touch! Child steps to not currently have the ability to use the advanced run condition features that the other steps have. However, this is something we do agree should be possible.

Currently we have a GitHub issue with some information on our plans to implement this feature. We also have a UserVoice suggestion page with some decent support. It wouldn’t hurt to vote on the UserVoice suggestion or leave a comment with your thoughts.

Unfortunately, there are not other options available to give you this kind of run condition control over your child steps.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions here.

Best regards,

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