Step Condition Logically Operator

Hi, what is the logical relationship between the options in ‘Conditions’ of a step. I think I may have wrongly assumed that it was an AND, but it appears to be an OR. Is this correct.

For example, setting ‘Environment = Test’ and ‘Run Condition = Always Run’ = the step running in production, with implies that the logic operator is an OR.

Next question is, is there a way to change this to be AND?


Hi Simon,

Thanks for getting in touch, it should absolutely be an “AND” relationship - the step shouldn’t even appear if you attempt to deploy to “Dev” environment for example. I just tried to replicate this and couldn’t make it happen. In fact, when you go to the deployment page, the step that only runs in another environment shouldn’t even appear.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you modify the deployment process (by changing one of the conditions), you need to create a new release for the change to take effect. This is because Octopus makes a snapshot of the deployment process each time you create a release. A warning should appear on the deployment page if the release is using a non-current snapshot.

If you’re able to reproduce this please let me know with all the details you can and we’ll get it actioned right away!