Step back and forwards whilst editing Steps in a process

Hi team,

quite often I find I have to go through all steps of a (long) process to update a particular setting, and it’s quite clunky to have to return to the top of the list when you click back to the process after editing the step, then have to scroll all the way down again to find the step you were last working on. A feature request is step < > buttons whilst editing a step, so that you can simply click next or previous to go straight into the edit screen for the next or previous step.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for getting in touch and taking the time to explain this issue. We think this is a great idea!

We’re also considering other options here longer-term, where when editing, your deployment process list could be shown consistently on the left (like a left navigation menu of your process) allowing you to just select whatever step you want to edit while another step is currently being edited.

So we have some options here and we’re definitely looking to improve things.

We’ll make a ticket internally to investigate and make this happen.


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Good stuff, cheers! :slight_smile: