Status of license?


We have submitted payment but have not yet received our license. I have reached out to both sales and support email addresses, but all I receive back is an automated message that my email has been received.

Please have someone contact me regarding the license and when we will receive it so that we can plan accordingly.


Hi Craig,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately the support team does not have access to any of the accounting information and cannot answer queries for sales questions and payments.
The most we can do is extend trials when asked. Until one of your last emails we assumed you were okay as only asking for status did not indicate you did not have a working trial license.

The sales team has been under load and under staffed around the holiday break, but I will be sure to get your tickets answered first thing Monday morning.

Do you have a trial account I can extend in case there is any issue?

I am sorry you felt ignored and have been left without a license, it wasn’t the intention.