Starter edition and small licenses


The blog post about the Starter edition ( says it can be used in production. But it also says that “All users have administrator-level permissions and can’t be restricted”. I think this last part is not in line with security best practices (like principle of least privilege) and I don’t see how a product where everyone is an administrator can really be used in production.

We currently have a 5 target license. Is it possible to renew that? Will it be possible to upgrade it to 10 targets in a year? The 5 and 10 target paid licenses are no longer on your pricing page. Does that mean that these no longer exist and the options are either the Starter or 25+ targets? What is you recommendation for small companies that don’t need 25 targets (not even half of it), but consider security to be important?


Hi Attila,

Thank you for reaching out. Octopus Starter edition was intended for teams doing a POC or pilot, small dev teams, or start-ups. With those use cases in mind, the security model was limited to “either you have an account, or you don’t have an account.”

At this time, we have no plans to remove the ability to renew your current license. We’d be happy to let you upgrade to 10 machines as well. However, if you do outgrow those 10 machines license we do ask you upgrade to a 25 machine license.

I hope that helps!

Best regards,