Standalone Deployment

I would like to know more about standalone deployments. I know octopus supports standalone deployments where the environment is disconnected from the octopus server or does not even have a tentacle installed. Does octopus facilitate creating the standalone packages? How is this done? Any information would be great.


Hi Brad,

Thanks for getting in touch.

You are correct: Octopus supports standalone deployments to disconnected machines. We call them “Offline package drop” and they are a deployment target, just like Tentacles and SSH endpoint. You can create them for the machines that are offline and include them in your environments. When you deploy to an environment that has an offline package drop it will generate all the files required to perform the deployment in a folder that you specify. You can then take those files to the machine that you wish to deploy to, run a script and voila: deployment completed.

You can find out more about offline package drops in our documentation:

Please let me know if you have any questions.