SSRS Report Deployment


I am trying to deploy SSRS report in SQL Server 2012 environment, and facing some difficulty in doing so.

I want to deploy reports in specific folder structure like,
—ModuleName(say XYZ)
------Submobdule(say ABC)
------Reports(Module Level Report)
------DataSource(Module Level Report)
------Datasets(Module Level Report)

Please suggest, how can I provide such folder structure in my SSRS Report Deployment using Octopus Deploy.

I have gone through the blog written by Sean Bedford, but its not having proper steps to follow the deployment process.

I am looking for package like posted here,!/step-template/actiontemplate-deploy-ssrs-reports-from-a-package

But this too has issue while connecting to the server.(I am newbie to powershell script).

Please suggest, what changes I make(in powershell script OR in Octopus Variables) to,
1> Pass the username, password required for the ReportServer
2> Create folder for Dataset(shareddataset) and associate it to report




Thanks for reaching out. The library steps are (mostly) developed and mantained by the Octopus community. Even though most of the times we (the Octopus Team) can jump in and troubleshoot the steps/scripts, there are times where the technology used in them doesnt fall under our fields of expertise. Unfortunatelly this is the case for SSRS deployments.

I encourage you to reach out to the user that created that step template for all questions related to it. This step in particular has been developed and mantained by a very dedicated user, so chances that he’ll be able to give you a hand are very high. If that fails, I’m afraid the only thing left will be to dig into the Powershell code yourself.

You can find the user that submitted this step template from the contributors of that particular file on this link:

Sorry its not the answer you were looking for