SSRS Deployment (or How to OctoPack an rptproj project)

We love OctopusDeploy but are wondering the best way to deploy Reporting Services files.

I have an SSRS deployment process based on these PowerShell scripts (which are indirectly based on Paul’s original implementation):

Now I just need to get the rptproj and rdl files into a nupkg so they will be sent to the target machine. From there I think I can just include the PowerShell call in a PostDeploy.ps1 script.

rptproj projects can’t have Install-Package run against them so I can’t tie OctoPack to it. One solution I am thinking about is to add a post-build step to another project to copy the rptproj and rdl files to its output folder. That’s a pretty big kludge though so I am hoping there is a more elegant solution.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for aksing. For this you’d need to use NuGet.exe pack to create the NuGet package manually using a NuSpec file.

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I am using Nuget.exe pack to create the NuGet package in my TeamCity build step via Command Line. But it’s going in this path C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work… not in C:\TeamCity\system\artifacts… which is supposed to when using Octopack. It does not appear in my project in TeamCity too. Would you know why?

Thanks in advance

Hi Edgar,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m not sure I’m following you. Are you you using Nuget.exe pack to create your packages, or Octopack?



I am using Nuget.exe pack. But I already figured out. Just need to tick ‘Publish created packages to build artifacts’. :slight_smile:


Hi Edgar,

I am new to Octopus, Can you please describe the steps you have taken to deploy SSRS reports using Octopus.