SSL certificate renewal and redeploy

We have multiple projects using the same SSL certificate. When renewing - we replace the certificate in Octopus and it is obvious to just redeploy each application listed on the Usage page. Just wondering if someone has a smarter way ? We have more than 50 projects :wink:

Best regards
Aage Nielsen

Hi @aagnie

Thanks for getting in touch! That’s a good question - I think the best way of achieving this would be to use Runbooks with the ‘Import Certificate’ step to push the new certificate where needed.

Please let me know if this works for you.


Hi Stuart,

Hmmm a clean renew might work - but I guess it only works if the renewed certificate is issued by the same CA/IA - but I guess it does not work if the vendor is changed.


No one ?

Hi @aagnie

Which vendor are you currently using? If you haven’t read it already, we have some documentation on using LetsEncrypt to manage certificates in Octopus:

Would that make it easier for you to manage?


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