SSL certificate installation failing after upgrade to Octopus 3.2.3!

After I upgraded to Octopus Deploy 3.2.3, all my deployment processes that have steps using the IIS web site and application pool feature with SSL bindings started to fail. This includes re-deployments of previously successfully deployed releases with the same variable/process snapshot!

Please help or advise what to do!!!

Original SUCCESSFUL deployment of Release 2.4.41197.6-r0 logs:

New FAILED deployment of Release 2.4.41199.7-r0 logs:

FAILED RE-DEPLOYMENT of Release 2.4.41197.6-r0:


Thanks for reaching out. We introduced this bug in 3.2.3 and we already have a fix for it that we’ll ship in 3.2.4 :

Sorry for the inconveniences caused by it.

Best regards,