SSL Bindings - changing certificate


We are having problems whereby if the SSL binding already exists then the rest of the step is skipped. This error is more of an issue when the certificate expires and replaced with a new one - i.e. the thumbprint changes. We have changed the thumbprint variable but on deployment it appears that the step just checks to see if there is an existing SSL binding - if so it moves on. It would be better if the step could check if the existing binding has the same thumbprint as the desired one.

Any suggestions?


Hi Rick,

Thanks for getting in touch! For any bindings, Octopus will delete and recreate them instead of ignoring or updating. Perhaps your deployment is pulling its data from the snapshot and requires a re-release to take the new changes?

Could you try creating a new release and attaching full deployment logs after the release? (Instructions on attaching full deployment log:

Looking forward to hearing from you.