SSIS Package Support

Is there currently any support or plan to support SSIS packages?

I am happy to create a custom library step for powershell to perform the installation and deployment process if required.

Thank you.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for getting in touch! It’s not on our immediate plans to create a custom step for SSIS. We’d be more than glad to receive your custom library step! If it works well enough we could event publish it on



Hi Ed,

We have SSIS deployment support for deplying to the Catalog via Octopus. We made a common powershell module. So each SSIS project will define a ‘deploy.ps1’ script, and it’s mainly responsible for grabbing Ocotpus project specific values and calling the common module.

I used this link as inspiration:

However, the biggest changes we made to what you see here was:

  • ensuring all common functions are idempotent
  • supporting low privilege deployment. We ensure that SQL Job(s) for each SSIS project execute under their own credential

I hadn’t considered looking into making an Octopus library…

If I was to do this again I would have made two relatively simple changes:

  • adopt a naming convention for variables
  • place more obscure values, unlikely to change between environments, in the deploy.ps1 file to minimize the number of Ocotpus variables. Although not unwieldy today, we have generally started to reduce the number of variables going into Ocotpus