Squelch JIRA warnings on deployment when linking to JIRA Server

Hi all,

Given that Octopus cannot yet support pushing deployment updates to JIRA Server due to lack of JIRA API support (Cloud only), how can I turn off the warning messages that I am seeing in my deployment process?

Sending Jira state update - in_progress
Ran for 0 seconds
Jira integration is enabled but settings are incomplete, ignoring deployment events

Although they don’t cause the deployment to fail, they do add visual noise to the deployment summary, and can look like a false negative, potentially masking warnings that we are interested in. Is there a setting in the Settings | Jira Issue Tracker section that I can set/change so that the log entries don’t appear? There’s no JIRA Connect password set up, so maybe that JIRA API push should be skipped altogether by Octopus?

Hey David,

Currently there is no way to remove this warning messages but I’ve raised a GitHub issue to make some changes to the configuration for the Jira Issue tracker so that we can make decisions on what, and what shouldn’t, happen.

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