SQL server installation usin powershell script


I want to deploy sql server from power-shell script. I have the whic takes config file as input.with in the machine, when I trigger it , it works very well which is unattended installation.
Now I want to deploy the same script from octopus BUT it;s unable to trigger.

What is the method we follow for installing SQL server from Octopus?

here I attach the screenshot for the error I am getting

octoerror.zip (105 KB)


Thanks for reaching out. The error says that your script is trying to show a “modal dialog box or form”, which is not supported when you run the script in a non-interactive way like Octopus does. The script might work fine when you run it while logged into the machine, but that won’t necessarily be the case when running it from a service like Octopus. That’s something you’ll need to account for in your script.

I’d recommend you to use something like Chocolatey which handles these kind of complex installations pretty well.