SQL High Availability Group

I have a powershell step that restores a DACPAC to a SQL Sever instance. This runs on any SQL role in my DEV environment. (which happens to have only one SQL machine)

IF I have 2 SQL Instances within a high availability group, running the DACPAC restore should point to the availability group cnn string (rather than an individual instance within the group).

BUT where will the tentacle code be ran? Should I just add the target machine using the availability group URL ? Or will the Powershell script step need to run on a target within the availability group- so will I need to add one of the instances within the group as a target?

Thank You

Hi Phil,

Thanks for getting in touch! For your SQL deployments, the SQL server does not require a locally installed Tentacle. You can use any Tentacle installed on any server, so long as it has access to SQL to run the functions you require.

I noticed that our documentation lacks this information! I am going to add the above information to clear up any confusion in the future.

Please let me know if this answers your question. :slight_smile:

Best regards,