SQL - Deploy DACPAC: Publish Profile Name

I’m struggling to get the publish profile name to work, I have various publish.xml files within my solution when I specify the full name of the profile I want the build step to use it’s unable to find the file (e.g. ci.db.publish.publish.xml).

Error: Could not find the file ‘C:\Octopus\Applications\Testing\db\1.0.5_8\ci.db.publish.publish.xml’. When I check the DIR sure enough there is no publish.xml files. I feel like I’m missing a very small step such as “copy publish.xml files” or something!

Just FYI, we’re using Team City with MSBuild then passing the artefact up to Octopus.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately I’m currently unable to determine exactly why the file can’t be found; is it possible the .xml file wasn’t included into the package contents, or that it’s not in the specific directory it’s looking at?

I look forward to hearing back!

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Thanks for getting back to me Kenneth.

One of the users responded on https://library.octopusdeploy.com/step-template/actiontemplate-sql-deploy-dacpac. The Publish xml file was generated by a PowerShell script prior to attempting to deploy the DACPAC. I was assuming that I was going to be able to use the original VS solutions publish files I’d saved within that solution/project.


Hi Rik,

Thanks for following up and letting me know! That’s really awesome to hear you’ve been able to get this solved with help from Garrett Westley. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns in the future. :slight_smile:

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