Speed up azure cloud deployments by checking for swap before running transforms and uploading files

I’ve noticed that my Azure deployments are doing more work than they possibly need to as the process seems to be:

  1. Download package from build server (check to see if this is new - if not, don’t download)
  2. Unpack package, and then unpack cloud deployment
  3. Run variable replacement
  4. Run transforms
  5. Re-pack deployment
  6. Upload to azure
  7. Check if deployment can be swapped from Staging to Prod
  8. Swap or Create new deployment

If Step 7 were moved to step 1, the bulk of the work could be short-circuited if the deployment can be swapped.

At the moment, I’ve got duplicate packages stored in blob storage which aren’t needed, and the bulk of the deployment time is taken up with the unpacking, transforming and re-packing.

ServerTasks-3905.log.txt (11 KB)

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your feedback. This is a totally valid suggestion and shouldn’t take too much on our side to implement for a quick win.
So I have created an issue which you can track here: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/2227