Specifying prerelease suffix when using Octo command

Hi guys,

My basic scenario is we release two types of prerelease packages of our code - “servicing” and “dev”. When we make a servicing release (which we suffix also with -servicing) in Octopus Deploy, we want to say “use the latest servicing versions of all packages.” Unfortunately, at the moment we have to specify every exact package version individually.

It would be great to be able to do something like:

Octo.exe create-release project --packageprerelease servicing …

Otherwise, any workaround to discover the servicing versions of all required packages would be great. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas on this.

Just created a fork of Octopus-Tools that does this:

basically uses the partialMatch when searching for feed packages to only list the latest version of the releases of the package.

Not ideal, but if anyone wants this in the mean time, here you go.

Hi Adam,

Thanks, cool idea!

I just published a blog post about our ideas for branching as a first class feature in Octopus, do you think this would help in your scenario?

(You’d be able to say octo.exe … --branch foo and we’d only show packages from the appropriate branch)