Specify tentacle URL upon registering using powershell

Hi Octopus team,

I have a script using tentacle.exe to register my tentacle with the Octopus server, however, the default tentacle URL only specify the computer name, but I want it to include also the domain name in the script.

For example:
Current default: https://web-site:12345/
I want: https://web-site.domain:12345/

Thanks in advance

Hi Jian,

Thanks for getting in touch! In our tentacle.exe register-with command we have the option for you to set the public host name via the --publicHostName=VALUE flag. it will default to the host name, but you can override the value using that flag.
You can find all options under tentacle.exe help register-with.

Hope that helps!


Hi Vanessa,

That works, thanks a lot.