Specify Credentials to connect to Tenticles on different domain or standalone workgroup

Hello chaps, would it be possible at some point to specify what credentials for Octopus Server to use to connect to tenticles on machines which either belong to a different domain from the server altogether or to machines which are standalone?

It would be very helpful if people face this issue with say development, DR and Production environments all being on different domains for example, and bar a separate install of octopus for each scenario which may eat up licenses, it would aid with the idea of deploying from the same console and also maintaining track of current deployments on the different environments.

Hi Paul,

When Octopus connects to Tentacle, it doesn’t use any credentials, for precisely this reason.

Instead, we use WCF message-level security, and establish a trust relationship using X509 certificates which Octopus and Tentacle automatically generate.

This page has some more details about how this works:

(I personally have Octopus installed on a set of virtual machines that are part of a domain, and I use it to deploy to machines running on Amazon EC2 which aren’t in the domain)


Ah I see! Excellent work! Thanks for the info Paul.