Special Characters set in password variable is passed incorrectly

Issue : I was just trying to set up project specific custom user (and password), and got to see that octopus is sending different password.

I am using CI/CD processes to build my mule application through octopus.

I am using customer specific user (and password) set in project variables. When i initiate build process in octopus, password which is set is not passed as is to my mule application instead is been replaced with different charter.
My password string contains == which when passed to application cloud build its gets replaced by :=

example :
custom_user : abc
custom_password : abc==

In Mule cloud application properties:
Password is updated has : abc:=
Expected password which supposed to be updated : abc==

Kindly need someone to help me how to fix this issue. your help is much appreciated.

Hey @Karthik_Kuppachari,

First of all, welcome to the Octopus boards!

Thanks for reaching out. I did some basic testing with sensitive variables and wasn’t able to reproduce this specific issue in 2020.3.2. Octopus doesnt do any sort of string manipulation or substitution.

Could you please let me know which version of Octopus you’re using?

Would you also be able to provide me with a copy of your deployment process JSON? To get this go to the Project, then the process section, then click the 3 dots to the right of add step and click download JSON. Feel free to private message or email the json to support@octopus.com if there is anything private in there that can’t be shared publically.

Please let me know.


Thanks Jeremy,

We are using 2018.8.11 version currently. Is this issue been fixed in newer version ?

Sure i can share it privately.


Hi kk,

I did some testing on your version as well and the variable was not getting manipulated in any way.

Are you able to do an Outfile as part of your deployment before the mule section of your process to see if the variable is still in a desired state?

Is this variable a prompted variable, or one you manually put into Octopus? Is this done via a variable substitution? How is the variable being passed specifically?


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