Something has changed since this snapshot was taken

Every time a release is deployed, Octopus shows the standard “Something has changed…” warning.


Given that this occurs literally every time, including with brand new releases, it’s probably fait to assume this is a bug.

Is there a work around for this, as it makes it impossible to know if something actually has changed when a release is deployed, meaning that new releases are created probably far more often than they actually need to be.


Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Are you using the Notes field in any of the steps for this Project?
If so, you may be running into this issue: Notes attribute on Step Process is not copied to Process snapshot · Issue #6719 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub
There will be a fix available in 2021.1.0 but until that is released the only option is to avoid using or amending the Notes field.


HI Paul,

I am using notes, so that does indeed sound like the issue.

I’ll hang on for the upcoming release.


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