(solved) Api/deployments SkipActions help

Hey guys,

I am trying to skip a couple of steps for a deployment (using the rest API).
This is how my json body is currently formatted:

    "EnvironmentId":  "Environments-87",
    "TenantId":  "Tenants-1",
    "SkipActions":  [
    "ReleaseId":  "Releases-64101"

However I am getting a (400) Bad Request returned. I am pretty certain the SkipActions property is the culprit.

Can I please be clued in as to what format the SkipActions property is expecting the deploymentProcess step Ids to be in? :slight_smile:


Woops nvm, I was trying to skip a step that wasn’t there :blush:

I also just realized I could have found this answer myself by just watching a request through the browser UI LOL

Nice work @Inammathe_Inna, let me know if there is anything else we can assist with.