SMTP Test email works, but notify finish email notifications fail


I have configured the SMTP in our Octopus Server and I have run the Email tests and they are working good; the emails are arriving to our email addresses.

However, in a Project I have added a ‘Notify finish’ step and when executing this step in a release package it fails with the error “Failure sending mail”.
I have not been able to find any further detail of the error neither in the Verbose or Raw views.

Thanks a lot for your support.


Thanks for reaching out! Email issues can sometimes be a bit hard to troubleshoot as the SMTP servers don’t usually share a lot of info when they simply don’t send the email. What I would try first would be to setup an alternative test email server like Mailtrap ( and make Octopus send the email over there. If the email reaches Mailtrap, at least you’ll know that the problem is not in Octopus itself, but on the SMTP server, and you could start digging into the SMTP server logs to find out what happened to your email.

Hope that helps with the troubleshooting. Let me know if you have any other questions.