Slow execution of PS scripts

Hi Paul,

I’m seeing some strange behaviour on the current release (0.9.620.3) when it comes to executing PS scripts - namely they seem to take a very long time where previously they were being executed quickly. In previous releases (before the execution model changed) I could deploy our project to either dev or uat in around 6 minutes - now on dev it’s taking 22 minutes and on uat several hours (to the point where I’m cancelling the deployment).

The scripts are eventually executed successfully but the behaviour seems very odd and there doesn’t seem to be any particular errors logged. I’ve attached a log from one of the tentacles. The main things that might have some bearing when you think about this is that a large chunk of processing is done in scripts that are .\ included from another folder on the server, and the tentacles run as a privileged user.

If I can provide any more clues let me know! Log attached.

octopus_log.txt (10 KB)

Hi John,

I know this is months old and sorry I didn’t see it sooner. Are the PowerShell scripts still an issue for you?