Slow authentication against AD using forma authentication


it is been like this for a while but i’m getting a bit tired of this situation already. Forms auth is bloody slow, It is windows auth but not integrated one.

Been trying to track it down but obv i had no success for now. Have seen some calls to ad for what i think is the retrieval of the privs for that user etc…

Nothing that i can notice unfortunately.

Our OD version is a bit old already but was expecting to get some solution before we go ahead with upgrade. Version: Octopus 3.17.12

Domain controllers look fine. DC query stated on debugging doc looks normal.

Is there any other advice you might think of to go on looking?


Hi Mario,

Thanks for getting in touch. I have a recollection that I may have worked with Lawrence on a ticket of yours a long while back, sorry to hear you’re still seeing some login delays.

There isn’t much we can control in the API calls we make, you can see the code for this if you’re interested. It’s open source and available in Github. I suspect it’s this line that’s actually causing the delay. The call we make down further to validate the username and password wants a Upn, so we go to try to find that based on the username that was entered.

We’re not 100% on all the things that call does internally, but what we have seen is that DNS and/or crossing domain boundaries can cause delays depending on the network and AD configuration.
You’ll see that there is logging spread through that code, would you be able to try switch the logging level in Octopus to Verbose (through the config file) and see if the results confirm which line is causing the delay?

Could you also try the PowerShell script from the AD troubleshooting page, on the Octopus server running as the same user the service account is running as?