Skipping 'all' doesn't let me deploy when there is a disabled step involved


We just updated from 3.8.2 to 3.11.2 yesterday and think we’ve spotted a bug somewhere in there, as we’ve not had it before.

We have projects with a disabled step in and when you set the deployment to skip all steps then activate the one step that you want it’ll look fine but will error with the below warning box at the top. It all revolves around the skip all button as manually skipping the steps you don’t want works fine.

We’ve reproduced it on a few projects with the same process, but if you need any more info then just say :slight_smile:




Hi Matt,

Thanks for the report. We have reproduced this and raised a issue and intend on releasing a fix soon.

Robert W

Hi Matt,

After I sent the response, I realised I actually reviewed the fix and it got merged in, a moment of mental absence. We will ship that fix later this week in the next release (which will probably be numbered 3.11.4).

Robert W